New Staff

5 Biggest Mistakes Employers Make When Hiring Staff

We employers work hard!

We deserve to attract, develop and retain the best possible employees. Hiring the right staff can be fraught with difficulty. It’s easy to make mistakes during the hiring process.

Avoid these five mistakes, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the right people for your business every time.

Mistake 1: Hiring Someone Because They Are A Cousin Of Your Mate’s Aunty Who Did A Course On The Internet.

 Nepotism is not the best way to hire people. Select new hires objectively and choose who will best fit the position and culture of your business. My friend  hired an assistant in desperation on the recommendation of her cousin. It was soon evident the assistant’s primary purpose was to come to work to eat her lunch and pick up her pay-check each week. One day my exasperated friend asked her how she felt when she came to work each  Monday. She replied she frigging hated the job and only stayed for the money. Then she picked up her bag and quit. Hire intelligently.

Mistake 2: Being Too Narrow In Your Search.

Age, experience, background, race and gender all help bring diversity of thought to the workplace. With diversity, you are more likely to  attract different types of people who normally wouldn’t apply for positions at your company . The secret is not to look for someone exactly like you or the rest of your team. Bringing in employees who will challenge you from an outside perspective as they can often help catapult your company into a new dimension. Widen your search.

Mistake 3: Not Checking Out An Employee’s Credentials Before You Offer Them A Job.

Check your employees references. Ring people. Make sure the employee and the jobs they say they held are bonafide. One of  New Zealand’s convicted fraudsters Johanne Harrison (one of several alias’s she used) was able to continue her fraudulent behaviour in high paying government positions because her history was not sufficiently checked out prior to being employed. Ignore checking employee credentials at your own peril.


Mistake 4: Trusting First Impressions.

Employers frequently judge candidates on whether they like them or not instead of matching their strengths with the responsibilities the position. Look past the first firm handshake and good eye contact. Intuition has its place. Hiring requires objective selection skills. Use them well.

Mistake 5: Not providing a Clear Job Description.

A clear concise job description is to everyone’s advantage. It should include a summary objective of the job including the job title, pay range, reporting relationship key tasks and their purpose, relationships with clients,  co-workers and other staff. Special demands like heavy lifting for example should be noted. As well as job duties and responsibilities that are to be performed. Clarity prevents confusion. Clear Job Descriptions are a must.