Work skillsA day by the sea is a great break

It is natural to feel blue at the end of a holiday. Let’s help banish those blues with 5 ways to help you get back to a work routine. 

1. Ease back into it

  •  Go back to work midweek, so you have a shorter working week.
  • Start with the small, easy-to-do tasks for a quick win.
  • Deal with emails in short sharp bursts, then do something else. It will stops overwhelm.

2. Plan your next holiday right now

  • It’s easier to work when you have something good to look forward to. 
  • It Planning your future reminds you why you work.

3. Plan something for yourself

  • Take 15 mins out of your day and do something for yourself. 
  • Me time gives you a break from the stress of work.
  • Me time refreshes the brain and helps you solve problems at work. 
  • Me time allows you to think about what you want and how you will make it happen.

4. Set some work goals

  •  Think about what you’d like to achieve and write them down. 
  • Make a picture board with your goals and put it where you can see it every day.
  • Share them with a supportive person who can check in to see how you are going. 

5. Give

  • Do something nice for a friend or a stranger.
  • Volunteer for a group that needs support, for example, your local sports club. 
  • Both the giver and the receiver benefit from giving.
  • When we help people apparently our brain lights up and produces feel-good hormones.
  • We also feel connected to our community. 

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