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Redundancy can come as a shock, and you are likely to feel a wide range of emotions if you are affected by a restructuring. However, it is important that you stay positive and make sure that you have support network to lean on during this time. Keep in mind that it’s the job that has been made redundant, not you personally.

Redundancies can occur for a number of reasons, and a business may need to go through a restructure process due to:

  • Financial strains
  • Drop in sales
  • Excessive debt
  • Over-staffing
  • Survival
  • Business sale.

There should be an official redundancy process in place, that your employer must follow. They should:

  • Provide genuine reason for proposing the restructuring process
  • Consult fully and fairly with each affected employee
  • Encourage feedback from employees on the redundancy proposal
  • Act in good faith throughout the consultation process and the dismissal.

In practical terms, this means an employer has to:

  • Provide the business proposal to all the employees who are likely to be affected by the restructure
  • Give reasonable time to comment, respond or make suggestions on alternative ways to achieve their objectives
  • They need to consider your responses fully before making their final decision.

An option an employer may present is the chance to take voluntary redundancy. For those who are looking to leave their role, this can often be a good option, however it still needs to be carefully considered.

In the event of redundancy, it is important that you seek out professional advice; you can reach out to Resolve Legal as soon you receive the proposal and we can look at your options from there.

As experts in employment law, we are here to provide impartial and practical advice to support you through your redundancy journey; hopefully providing peace of mind and the chance to build a plan of action.

Come and have a chat with the team at Resolve Legal and we can support you through this challenging time.

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