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Unless you have a lawyer  in the family, most people’s  view of one is either – 

What they’ve heard from their family or 

What they’ve seen in courtroom dramas on Netflix

So how do Employment Lawyers work? 

We can’t speak for anyone else, but we can tell you  how our employment lawyer Viv d’Or at   Resolve Legal guides you through her 3-step  plan. Peace of mind is our goal.

Step 1 Probe. 

Viv asks you a lot questions, then listens carefully so she can establish the facts. Only then can she  identify what your legal issue is, which she will explain to you in plain English.

Step 2 Prepare

Next, Viv will discuss your expectations. This would be how much money you believe you deserve in  compensation. Then we will alert you to any risks we you might face. Evaluating your  evidence and preparing  an action plan is the next step. We want the best outcome for you.  

Step 3: Protect 

In the last part of our process, we prepare you for attending any meetings (such as disciplinary or mediation) with your employer and complete the outcome as cleanly and as quickly as we can.  We strive to protect our clients and get you the best results. 

Leetter of Engagement

We will then provide you with a letter of engagement which contains the terms and conditions of working with us. We include clause like, estimated time your case might take, the charge per hour, or fixed costs. You need to sign this before we start any work for you.

All information is sent to  you via email, texts or telephone calls and face-to-face meetings in our lovely office in Jackson Street. 

 Viv is a 15-year expert in employment processes and is well respected for her resolution-based approach in the Hutt Valley Business community. Once you are clear on what needs to happen and Viv is clear on the best outcome, we get to work ready for step three.  

You may have to meet with HR, which can feel daunting. Viv is there to protect you and guide you.  

Then she  explains what the legal bits of procedure, so we can start solving your employment problem. 

At this stage, we also 

provide you with information about how they charge fees and when fees must be paid. 

Let you know how to make a complaint and deal with any complaint promptly and fairly. 

What is it like working with Viv?  

Here are three testimonials from businesses in the Hutt Valley 

“You made an incredibly hard time endurable. Thank you Viv!” 

Laurel – Petone 

“They are an outstanding law firm and provide superb service. We’re so lucky to have Viv as our lawyer.” 

Linda – Lower Hutt 

“Thanks for your safe pair of hands throughout my exit. It helped a lot.” 

Sandy – Wainuiomata 

Before you choose your lawyer, remember these 4 points 
  1. Be clear about the process 
  2. Be clear about the costs, upfront and ongoing. 
  3. Be clear about how long it will take 
  4. Know how the lawyer will support you.  

If you would like to know more call or text Viv D’Or at Resolve Legal at 021 2423 200 or email : 


Resolve Legal blogs contain only general information about legal matters. It is not intended to be legal advice and should not be treated as, or relied on, as such. Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer appropriate to your legal issue for legal advice specific to your facts.

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