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There’s Three Sides To Every Employment Matter

An Employment Court Judge stated  “There’s three sides to every story,”:

  1. The employer’s side
  2. The employee’s side
  3. The Facts

The first thing an employment lawyer will do is gather the facts. So texts, letters, emails and diary notes are a good starting point. While we start with your story, it’s important to remember that employment matters are settled on facts.

Seek Advice Early

If you receive a letter from your employer including allegations that could lead to a formal warning or dismissal from your job, we suggest you take legal advice immediately. Ring me.

Make a Record

We suggest you do not attend disciplinary meetings without a support person as you need a witness to confirm what is said and give your support through an often stressful process.

Take notes of the meeting.


Be Truthful

Reveal all personal actions that may have contributed to your current employment issue. It’s easier when we lawyers know all of the facts and issues we are dealing with, even if it sometimes paints you in bad light.


Identifying Your Employment Issue

We help you identify what your real employment issue is, your likely outcome, and what your next step may be. This advice will be based on the information you have provided. We will also advise you on the costs to pursue a Personal Grievance. Resolution is better through discussion and negotiation rather than litigation.


What your Lawyer Can’t Do

We can’t determine exactly what the outcome of your employment issue will be. We can only give a possible outcome based on the information you’ve provided. This is because until the employer is able to provide their side of the story, we don’t have all the facts.


Resolving Your Employment Problem

Our primary purpose is to resolve your employment problem promptly, efficiently and with minimum stress for everyone. Our work might involve:

–          Approaching your employer with an honest desire to resolve the matter

–          Writing to your employer, detailing issues or concerns

–          Arranging urgent mediation with the assistance of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment mediation service.


Employment matters are often usually highly charged with significant consequences. Navigating resolution can be a tricky process, so here’s some useful points to be aware of when engaging an employment lawyer. ”

— FIrst Published in VIbrant Hutt