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Workplace Issues

People spend over a third of their adult lives at work, and stress issues, related to the job are common for many. It is difficult to create a workplace where everyone gets along well and there is no friction between their positions, expectations, and personalities. As a result, some job problems may result in undesirable psychological symptoms. In this blog, we discuss common workplace issues and how to resolve them.

Common Issues

According to research, perceived stress at work, for instance, is linked to a higher prevalence of mental health conditions including depression and anxiety. Employees may discover that speaking with a qualified mental health expert about their job stress or difficulties benefits them both emotionally and professionally.

Employees frequently deal with the following concerns at work:

  • bullying
  • communication difficulties
  • discrimination
  • gossip
  • harassment
  • interpersonal conflict
  • job satisfaction
  • low motivation
  • performance issues
  • poor job fit

Why Do Issues Arise?

People with various personalities, communication styles, and worldviews frequently interact in the workplace. These distinctions can be a source of professional conflict and eventually cause stress and tension for all parties concerned. Even while it is the right of every employee to feel secure and treated fairly at work, some workers nonetheless experience bullying, harassment, and/or discrimination. Even the NZ Human Rights Act which provides remedies for workplace discrimination provides little protection in the workplace for employees and members of minority groups, like the LGBT community.

Additionally, workers who are unsatisfied with their jobs, often struggle to perform well or get into a position that matches their skills and interests. Workplace problems often result in poor performance and productivity, job loss or termination, a decline in happiness and satisfaction, stress, and a range of mental health problems. Legal issues may result from workplace harassment as well. According to the American Psychological Association, workplace problems can be made worse by job uncertainty and a lack of assistance.

High-Stress Level Jobs

There are certain occupations that are very stressful. Firefighter, an airline pilot, enlisted military soldier, police officer, and event planner are a few professions with a reputation for high levels of stress. Additionally, various other occupations, like those in the health care field, education, social work, and administrative assistance, have been linked to higher rates of depression.

Employees in the construction, food service, and mining sectors all have high rates of substance misuse. With an estimated 40% of workers characterizing their jobs as very or extremely stressful, work-related stress is a serious issue. Stress at work may affect both mental and physical health, and it can also result in heart attacks, high blood pressure, discomfort, and sleeplessness.

Resolve Legal

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