Personal Grievance

Personal Grievances

The only way to raise an employment issue with your employer is to raise a personal grievance.

This means you need to write a letter to your employer with facts about the type of behaviour that has upset you and ask them to fix it for you.

You might have been discriminated against on grounds of your sex, colour, or religion and have been unable to progress in your role. You could have been disadvantaged by not being paid your correct wages, holiday pay, or given days in lieu. You might have been dismissed unfairly.

Your employer has an obligation to investigate your personal grievance. Often they are grateful you have brought the issue to their attention.

One way to resolve issues is to go to mediation that is a free service run by MBIE mediators. It is a safe place to go to get your grievance sorted.

Some grievances are resolved by monetary compensation. Others are resolved by an apology.

If you are an employee and want to raise a personal grievance we know what to do and can help you resolve the issue. Most disputes are resolved via tough but fair dialogue and negotiation, which we deliver.

Get legal advice before raising a personal grievance

Contact the Resolve Legal team as soon as you believe unfair action has been taken against you by your employer. We will provide legal advice and support in raising a personal grievance!