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I’ve wanted to be lawyer since I was 12. But I let childhood gremlins stop me pursuing that dream and  became a registered nurse, kiwifruit orchardist, furniture and interior design retailer, TV Producer, Marketer & Restauranteur instead. At 53, with those gremlins firmly kicked into touch, I enrolled at Waikato University Law School and graduated with honours 3 years later. In 2010, I opened my own law firm, Viv d’Or Law, in Petone, which continues to serve the greater Wellington area. In 2017 I opened a second office at the front of a hangar at Tauranga Airport, which serves the wider Bay of Plenty. We have now rebranded to Resolve Legal which better describes our new direction. I feel deeply privileged I’m able to help my clients resolve their legal issues. I’ve never been so happy and contented in my life.

Viv d'Or

“At age 12, I saw a detective programme on TV where an alleged burglar claimed innocence because a shoulder injury prevented him from climbing into a second storey window; the entry point of the burglary.When the prosecutor asked how high he could lift his left arm since the injury, he raised it to shoulder height.“And how far could you raise it before the injury sir?” The burglar raised his arm way above his head. Guilty! At that moment, my dream to be a lawyer was born.”

Viv d’Or

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