Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment occurs when  employers or other people in authority in your workplace subject you to  unwelcome or offensive behaviour.

Unwelcome sexual approaches, demands for sexual favours, and other sexually motivated verbal or physical acts constitute sexual harassment when one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • A person believes that conforming to the behaviour is required in order to obtain or retain a job.
  • A person believes that workplace choices such as increases, promotions, and demotions are influenced by whether he or she accepts or rejects the behaviour.
  • The behaviour interferes with a person’s ability to function at work or produces an intimidating, hostile, or unpleasant work environment.

The best way for an employer to limit their liability if harassment occurs is to have a zero-tolerance policy in the workplace. And enforce it.

If you suffer sexual harassment in the workplace talk to your manager immediately. If you feel you can’t talk to anyone in your workplace contact us and we will provide you with support and empathetic advice to help you address the challenges.

We know what to do. And can help you find an acceptable resolution that will allow you to move ahead. Contact us today for a private consultation.

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