Employment Contracts

Employment contract lawyers

If you have recently received a new job offer with an employment contract, it is  a good idea to get an employment lawyer to read over the document before you sign it.

As these are very important aspects of an employment relationship between an employer and employee, it is necessary to include all the required information according to the Employment Relations Act 2000 and protect your rights as an employee. We read over your documents and ensure that everything is in order. Start off your employment relationship with your employer in the best way possible, and be confident with your decision making.

Safeguard your employment

Signing a contract can be daunting to some people, especially if you don’t fully understand what you agree to. The Resolve Legal team will read over your employment agreement thoroughly and point out any missing information or elements that we believe aren’t in your best interest. We will even sit down with you and go through the document together and explain all its components. This will make sure that you understand the things that are required of you as an employee and start off your employment relationship with all the necessary knowledge.

If we find something that you disagree with, we can guide you through the steps you can take to raise it with your future employer. This may include discussions and negotiations with the person in charge. Resolve Legal are professional employment lawyers who have a great understanding of employment contracts and can help you enter a positive employment relationship.

Get in touch with us if you have received a job offer

Contact Resolve Legal if you are wondering about the contents of your new employment contract. We help you understand all parts of the document and support you in raising concerns with your future employer.