Have you been made redundant?

Redundancies occur when an employer restructures their business and reduces their staff based on business reasons.

Employers need to follow the correct process (under current case law) when making employees redundant. They need to have genuine business-related reasons for making someone redundant, such as financial, technological, market or product changes, or selling off the business. By law, employees must be fully consulted before any decision is made which could adversely affect their employment continuing. That includes being given a proposal to disestablish their position, with clear supporting information, and the  chance to comment on the proposal  before the final decision is made. We support employees who believe they have been unfairly made redundant.

Redundancy law expertise at your service

We are able to help you with any redundancy matters and will support you if you need someone to liaise with your employer or manager. If you believe there has been an issue with the redundancy process, our friendly team can support you through the process and explain your rights under employment contracts. The Resolve Legal team will analyse your situation, and if we believe you have been subject to procedural unfairness, we will support you in raising a personal grievance claim. As this needs to be done within 90 days, it is necessary that you contact our team as early as possible.

We will be your partner in raising a personal grievance if you have been unfairly made redundant and will help you to reach an agreement with your employer. We know all about redundancy law and have supported numerous employees going through this process.

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Contact the Resolve Legal team today if you have been made redundant due to a restructure or another reason and you believe your employer acted unfairly. We will help you through the process of raising a personal grievance claim!