Personal Grievance

Solving your workplace disputes

If you have been unfairly treated by your employer, you might want to raise a personal grievance claim.

A personal grievance is a claim that an employee can bring against their employer if they believe that the employer has acted unfairly or unreasonably towards them. The most common reasons that employees raise personal grievances are unjustified dismissal, workplace bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and unjustifiable disadvantage. The employee has 90 days after the unjustifiable action happened to raise a personal grievance, so it is a strict process that needs to be followed by the employee. Get legal support from Resolve Legal to ensure you perform the process in the right way!

Expert legal support and advice

If you have experienced unfairness in your workplace against you, it is essential that you have a professional behind you who can support you through this challenging situation. At Resolve Legal, we have helped multiple employees solve their workplace disputes and discuss and negotiate a successful outcome with their employers. Most of the time, the personal grievance claim ends in reaching an agreement between the two parties as a result of these. However, if the parties cannot agree, the dispute will lead to a mediation to reach an agreement.

We advise seeking legal advice before raising a personal grievance, as the process can be complicated to understand and perform as an individual. At Resolve Legal, we ensure that your personal grievance matter is settled quickly and gets you the outcome that you were looking for. We will support you legally when you go through such a difficult situation in your workplace.

Get legal advice before raising a personal grievance

Contact the Resolve Legal team as soon as you believe unfair action has been taken against you by your employer. We will provide legal advice and support in raising a personal grievance!