Employee Services

Helping employees solve their workplace disputes

We provide expert advice and legal support to employees dealing with a range of different issues within their workplace. Our friendly and trustworthy team will help you through these challenging situations and will advise you on what steps you can take to resolve any employment problems. Many issues can be resolved through discussions and negotiations with your employers, but we are ready to take the matter further if you are not happy with the outcome. We understand the difficulties and challenges that can come with employment issues, such as bullying, harassment, disciplinaries and dismissals. Resolve Legal will be with you every step of the way.

Explore our employee services below, and get in touch with us if you need a team to support you in raising issues within your workplace!


Bullying in the workplace is a serious matter, and you’re covered by a number of laws. The Resolve Legal team are experts in this and can discuss what options you have.

Unfair Dismissal

Do you feel you have been unfairly dismissed? Talk to one of our lawyers who can guide you through your options and help get a fair outcome to your unfair dismissal.

Employee or Contractor

Are you wondering whether you are an employee or a contractor? Although these two types of employment can be similar, there are some things that differentiate them.

Personal Grievance

If you are experiencing bullying in your workplace then Resolve Legal can help you identify that and the likely outcome, the cost of a personal grievance claim, and your next steps.


Are you facing redundancy or been made redundant? It’s a good idea to discuss this with someone who knows redundancy law. Every lawyer at Resolve! Legal is familiar with it.


Have you been invited to a disciplinary meeting? Find out your rights as an employee by discussing it with an experienced employment lawyer from Resolve Legal.

Sexual Harrasment

Sexual discrimination is a particularly serious situation in any workplace and are primary grounds for personal grievances. Resolve Legal can assist employees subjected to such harassment.

Employment Contracts

If you have recently received a new job offer with an employment contract, it is  a good idea to get an employment lawyer to read over the document before you sign it.

Employment Lawyers Who Resolve Your Legal Problems

You can rely on us to help you resolve your legal issues whether they are big or small!