Disciplinary Meetings

If you have been invited to a disciplinary meeting, it is best to get in touch with a lawyer.

You might be feeling confused about why you need to attend the meeting and stressed about its possible outcome. Employers must act in good faith and give the employee a real opportunity to refute the allegation or mitigate their conduct at a disciplinary meeting. They must also be fair and free from any bias predetermination and give the employee a reasonable time to respond to the invitation. To ensure the employer complies with these good faith requirements, get Resolve Legal to attend the meeting with you and support you through the process.

What your lawyer can do

We can help you identify the employment issue based on the information you have provided us and the likely outcome of the disciplinary meeting. We can’t determine the exact outcome before having the disciplinary meeting  as we will need to hear your employer’s side of the story. However, it’s important to have a support person with you at a disciplinary meeting who can support you during a stressful process and be a witness. Our employment lawyers can be this person for you and ensure that all goes legally and according to requirements.

After the meeting, the employer will be making a decision about what sanctions should be imposed, which can include counselling, warning, suspension and dismissal. If you believe the process was unfair, you can raise a personal grievance, but discussions and negotiations might be better in some cases. Let our friendly team be your partner during this challenging and stressful process!

Get in touch with Resolve Legal

Contact our friendly team if you have been invited to a disciplinary meeting. We will assess your situation and advice on what steps you can take to get the best outcome for yourself.