Have you been dismissed from your job?

Dismissals are governed by the Employment Relations Act 2000 and require the Employer to act in good faith, and have an open mind so they ensure outcomes are not pre-determined.

The Employer must have a genuine reason for your dismissal and the process must be carried out fairly. If you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed, the Resolve Legal team can support you in analysing your situation and advising you on what steps you can take to solve the issue. Unfair dismissals include constructive dismissal, when you feel you are being forced to resign by your employer, and being made redundant during a restructuring process unfairly. We will assess your situation and offer personalised advice to find the right solution for you.

Unfair Dismissals

When you have been dismissed by your employer and believe that the process has been carried out unfairly, you have 90 days to raise a personal grievance. Getting in touch with the Resolve Legal team early on is therefore essential to be able to solve the issue effectively and accurately. We will help you identify exactly what your employment situation is and what steps you can take to solve the issue. Our team will guide you through the personal grievance process and get you the outcome you are looking for as quickly  and efficiently as we can.

Resolve Legal will be your partner in the process and support you legally through this emotionally and mentally difficult situation. It can be challenging to reach out when you believe you have been unfairly dismissed, but we will be there to stand by your side throughout the whole process. We are passionate about supporting you legally and providing you with effective, personalised advice.

Get in touch with Resolve Legal if you believe you have been unfairly dismissed

Contact our legal team as soon as you have been dismissed from your workplace. We will support you in the process of raising a personal grievance.