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Christmas is coming and with it summer holidays and the annual lockdown. Here’s some random information based on questions we get asked most years;  7 Christmas hacks to make your life easier.

  1. Annual Close down dates.

Christmas is coming, and you’ll want to plan for the holidays.

  • Does your work have an annual closedown over the Christmas holidays? If so, have you been told in writing?
  • Your employer is required to give you their annual closedown dates in writing.
  • All employees are entitled to be paid public holidays while on annual leave if your workday is on a public holiday.
  • And sick leave if you fall ill during your time off on holiday.
  1. Holiday pay, keep a record of your payslips.

  • Your employer has to keep holiday and leave records
  • But it’s a good idea if you keep your own records so you can check if you’re getting the correct holiday entitlements.
  • Annual leave is complicated.
  • Basically annual leave is calculated as 8% of your annual salary or wage
  1. Same old Christmas do?

  • If your work is putting on a Christmas do, ask for something different instead of the traditional Christmas party.
  • You could go go-carting, bowling or something different, axe throwing, or tree climbing.
  • Check with your work colleagues what they would like to do.
  • Organizing an end of year party with them may take more effort, but it gives everyone an experience they will all enjoy.
  1. Check what the work party’s dress code.

  • If you are having a traditional Christmas party, check out the dress code before you go. Please don’t do a Bridget Jones unless it’s an ugly Christmas jumper party.
  • Shorts are not business dresses.
  • Skimpy dresses may be fun in the nightclub but not at your work do.
  1. Clean out the work fridge.

  • Remember to take home any food you have in the fridge.
  • Put a notice reminding people of the annual closedown date.
  • Be clear about what will happen to any food left in the fridge.
  • You want to avoid returning to a mould civilization in your work fridge.
  • Better still, clean it out on the last day before closing down.
  1. Reset your office and work email to out of hours.

  • Set up your out-of-office email. It’s easily forgotten and it’s no fun getting Outlook pinging you on Christmas day either.
  • Remember to change the message on the businesses answer phone, especially the date of your return.
  1. Sanitize your workspace.

  • Where possible, sanitize your workspace.
  • That pesky virus is still part of our community, so basic hygiene will help keep us all safe and happy in the coming New Year.

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