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Soft skills are essential in your workplace.

NZ online selling platform Trade Me Jobs says “in recent years, bosses are emphasizing soft skills because, without them skills, the workplace doesn’t work.”

We’ve put together a week’s worth of Soft Skills to help you shine in your workplace.

  1. Don’t Over Communicate-Less Is More.
  • Keep your communications short
  • Use bullet points when sending emails
  • And no more than three bullet points
  • Each bullet point is one thought or one topic
  • Use please and thank you
  • Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar

2. How To Reply To Unsolicited Advice. 

  • When people give you advice, say this;
  • “I really appreciate that you care enough to share that with me
  • I’m not looking for advice on that at the moment
  • But thank you again; that’s very kind of you”

3. What Do You Do If You Feel You Deserve A Raise? 

  • Talk to your boss about your recent contributions.
  • Ask for a reasonable pay increase.
  • Agree on a plan to get you there over the next six to eighteen months. 
  • Talk to your manager; they won’t mind
  •  AND be reasonable about the amount you ask for

4. Annoying Meeting? Let It Go. 

  • If you’ve left a meeting
  • And you’re really, really annoyed
  • Let it go when the meeting is over.
  •  Learn from the experience.
  • Letting go = happiness and peace of mind.
  •  It is the  easier softer way
  • And better for your friends and family too
  • Who thought they were being helpful 

5. Don’t Wait Till The End Of The Year To Gather Your Boss’s Feedback. 

  • Ask them as you go
  • Every time you meet with your direct supervisor, ask them, “What’s gone well since we last met?”
  • Or “What could I have done better?” 
  • It is much better than waiting until your end-of-year review
  •  Your supervisor will be happy to give you positive feedback in  areas that need improvement
  • So when you do get to your end-of-year review,
  • You are in a much better position to get a wage increase. 

6. 3x Ways Of Saying No

  • Saying no is an important skill.
  • You set boundaries. 
  • You can complete your tasks.
  • You can focus on critical work. 
  • It is a skill that improves with practice
  • Here’s 3 options for you
  • Option 1: Hmm, I’m not able to do that.
  • Option 2: Here’s when I can do that.
  • Option 3: I can’t do that, but I can do it at a later date. 

7.  Four  Reasons That People Don’t Do What They Have To Do 

  • If  someone is not doing what they are meant to be doing, try and find out which of these four reasons below apply
  • You will help them to be successful
  • And that’s what being a good colleague is all about
  • Reason 1: They need to learn how 
  • Reason 2: They don’t think they know how
  • Reason 3: They can’t
  • Reason 4:  They don’t want to

Reference TradeMe Jobs The top 10 soft skills employers are looking for in NZ


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